Yes the Ultra Logo mats awesome graphic art design team will put together a digital rendering of how your logo will look on the mat, showing the proper sizing, colors and overall layout and then email it to you for your review and approval.  If any design modifications are needed, we’re happy to update the design proof accordingly and send it right back over.  No mats are manufactured without customer approval.
Absolutely although adding more logos requires that they be smaller so they can fit, we’re happy to add as many as needed.  Also, messages, phone numbers, websites and any other text can easily be added in any available color and font.
Sure!  Horizontal is the more common layout – it has the logo displayed in a landscape arrangement (think of a dollar bill: wider left to right and shorter top to bottom).  For a vertical layout everything is swapped: the logo appears in a portrait view in which the overall dimensions are greater in the height and narrower in the width (think of a skyscraper).
If the mats are laid on the floor, you can bring them outside to hose the mats down for a deeper cleaning (or even power wash them every once in a while for a heavy-duty cleaning). Shaking out and/or vacuuming should take care of virtually all of your day-to-day dirt and debris. Vacuuming will help remove finer particles of dust, debris, dirt, etc.
Yes! These rubber mats are made to be mold and mildew resistant (due to the warm, sweaty environments they’re often used in) and can safely be placed in basements, garages and other areas that could have exposure to moisture.
Yes, these mats are heat-resistant and are not negatively affected in any way by heated floors or if used in a very warm environment (including outdoors on a hot day).  Please note, however, that if the matting is exposed to extreme temperature changes, it is possible that the rubber can expand slightly in very warm environments and contract just a little bit in colder settings.
The vinyl mats will not absorb any rain/snow if being used outdoors and thus won’t let moisture drip through.  
The mats can certainly withstand the elements (sun, rain, snow, etc.) and will not deteriorate by being used outdoors. If you live in a climate where the temperature range can be extreme, the mats could get rather warm but nothing to the point that it would damage the mat or burn skin. It would not retain heat like black asphalt but more heat than white or light-colored concrete, for example.
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